About Us

Propagule is an independently-run convergence of the arts, focused on fiction, music, visual works, theory, and more.

We are especially interested in the aesthetically novel, experimental, transgressive, and uncategorizable. Immanent in everything Propagule publishes is a dedication to imagination and boundlessness.

We aim to release new issues of our eponymous journal of fiction multiple times a year, featuring a carefully selected entourage of original stories. We also aim to publish interviews with artists, essays, and other nonfictional ideations.

At the center of Propagule is commitment to the notion that there is always new art to be discovered and shared, and that artistic stagnation is mere myth to the dedicated seeker. As such, we hope that Propagule will serve as a place to find meaningful content and connect with others in the community.

We can be reached at [contact@propagule.co]


William Dempsey

David Reichek

Nick Siviter